Balea Lake

Situated at 2,034 m altitude in the grandiose Fagaras mountain, in the heart of Romania, the glacier lake Balea is reached by driving up a sinuous roadway through a depression.

author:Racz (Shaman) Peter

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On clear days, the meandering Transfagarasan causeway is visible until way down, on foggy days it becomes a street in the clouds, with mist curling and winding in the depression. The road is only accessible in summer. In the other seasons, you can reach Balea lake by cable car.

The stunning blue Balea lake is surrounded by mountainous moraines, terraces and chines and features two chalets open all year round, a beautiful lake house a mountain sports’ center, a meteorological station and a mountain rescue station..

In this overwhelming scenery of austere beauty, be it summer or winter, you can admire mountain vegetation, numerous complex glacier valleys, splendid waterfalls and forests.

In winter, this breathtaking mountain spot is a cold place to go, but there are chalets and the first Ice Hotel in Eastern Europe, with 10 rooms, restaurant, cocktail bar and night club, making your stay warm, comfortable and exciting. It is a unique opportunity to drink a cocktail from an ice glass and sleep in a minimalistic ice room. The lake, the mountains and the Ice Hotel are a surreal experience, the restaurant menus are delicious and the people are hospitable. The Ice Hotel adopts different themes every winter, such as each room being given a famous classical music composer's name and playing his music.

The beautiful Ice Church is also worth visiting in winter. It offers a unique atmosphere, with the light filtering in through an ice cube wall and the snow and ice bas-reliefs and sculptures.

Balea Lake provides an entertaining range of activities for visitors. You can entertain yourself drinking wine by a camp fire, fishing, hiking, skiing, driving a snowmobile or going sledging, and mainly, you can enjoy the wilderness of this place above the clouds.



Balea Lake

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