Sibiu Big Square

The Big Square (Piata Mare) of Sibiu was built mid-14th century, along with the completion of the third defense ring.


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At first, the square served as a venue for cereal commerce, later becoming the center of the citadel and housing a "cage for madmen" during the first half of the 18th century.

Today, a fountain in a cage reminds of the square's historic past, as well as a monument in memory of the heroes of Sibiu who died during the 1989 revolution.

The south side of the Big Square was declared a monument of architecture due to the unique medieval style of its buildings who used to house guilds and workshops in the Middle Ages. Noteworthy are the skylights of these town houses, locally called "the eyes of the town", the colorful medieval-to-renaissance houses, the tall wrought iron streetlamps.

Among the remarkable buildings, we mention the early Renaissance Brukenthal Palace,a museum housing temporary European collections and permanent Romanian collections of graphics and plaster statues, Netherlands' and Flemish paintings of religious scenes from the renaissance and Baroque period.

The 18th century Baroque Blue House has hosted the first theater performances in Sibiu and is now a gallery of Romanian art and paintings.

The medieval House of Generals features an arched portal towards the Archives' Street. In 1904, it served as headquarters of the general commander of Austrian troops in Transylvania.

Haller House is the most significant Sibiu stone-built residence, in Gothic and Renaissance architecture. It dates from the 15th century, was converted to Renaissance style in the 16th century. It features an arched entryway and a portal decorated with a Coat of Arms and Renaissance tympanum and columns.

The medieval House Weidner Reusner Czekelius features a portal similar to that of the Haller house and the Coat of Arms of mayor Johann Reusner Jr.

Many of the buildings of Sibiu Big Square are part of UNESCO patrimony. The square houses exciting cultural and music festivals and fairs.



Sibiu Big Square

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