Sibiu Small Square

Piata Mica of Sibiu, meaning the Small Square, is located in the old, medieval part of town, or the historic district of Sibiu, in Romania.


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Being the second largest historical place in Sibiu, the square is divided in 2 by Ocnei street, which passes under the Liers' Bridge (Podul Minciunilor) toward the lower town. The Liars' Bridge is the first iron-cast bridge in Romania, built mid-19th century.

The buildings in the Small Square date since the 14th through 16th centuries and used to house crafts workshops and town guilds. They are tall and feature massive massive archways, balconies and specific skylights or eyelet windows, locally called "the eyes of the town". The square is lit with beautiful 19th century streetlamps of wrought iron.

The Museum of Pharmacy, museum "Franz Binder" and museum "Emil Sigerus" are located in the Square. The "Emil Sigerus" museum of Saxon ethnography and folk art is hosted in the 14th century Art House, the former Butcher's house, with a gallery of 8 arches on the ground floor. Also remarkable are the beautiful Goldsmiths' Tower and the romantic Goldsmiths' Passage.

A noteworthy building is the 13th century built Council Tower, with its fortified walls, bulb spire and historical clock, and the Hermes house, with its elegant lodge and decorated gable toward the square and its interiot vault structure, housing the "Franz Binder" museum of universal ethnography.

The Council Tower offers a beautiful view of the historic square.

The Small Square houses a number of events and medieval festivals, among which the pottery fair.



Sibiu Small Square

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