Bogdana Monastery

Bogdana is a monk monastery in Radauti town, Suceava county, in northern Romania. Dedicated to Saint Nicholas, it was built in the 14th century.


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Bogdana monastery is considered to be the oldest masonry church in Moldavia, having been established by Bogdan I, founder of the Moldavian feudal state, and belongs to UNESCO heritage.

The church layout features a central and 2 lateral naves separated by rows of columns. The steep saddle roof with long eaves features no cupola and the belfry tower is built aside from the church and dates since the 18th century.

The simple whitewashed monastery with thick walls and stone buttresses has served as burial place to him and his family, as well as to all the Moldavian rulers until Alexander the Good, when the church became the bishop's residence. The relics of Saint hierarch Leontie are also kept in the monastery.

The tombstones decorated with wreaths and Slavonian inscriptions date from the 15th century.

The original structure was added a closed porch and Gothic window frames in the 16th century, during the first renovation, commissioned by ruler Alexandru Lapusneanul. In the 18th century, the church had its own press and printed valuable documents and book many of which remain in the monastery collections.

The interior of Bogdana monastery is a synthesis of Gothic, Byzantine and Romanesque elements. The space organization is Byzantine, the apses are Romanesque and the pointed arches encountered at door and window frames are of Gothic influence. The monastery has has a few renovations and features fresco paintings from the 15th, 16th and 18th centuries. The newest paintings were carried out in tempera colors and date from the 19th century. The scenes depicted in the altar are The Last Supper, the Eucharist of the Apostles with bread and wine and the Washing of the Feet, and the nave features votive portraits, of lord Bogdan I and Alexandru Laspusneanul.

Beside valuable documents, many of which printed there, Bogdana monastery houses precious liturgical shrouds, an epitaph of Christ's complaint to the cherub angels an icon of Saint Nicholas painted on wood and encased in gilded silver



Bogdana Monastery

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